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All women of St. Jude Parish are invited to join
“I Am the Vine; You Are the Branches.”
a free 1½-day weekend retreat, filled with renewal, reconciliation, and relaxation
with delicious meals and time for socializing, exclusively for women of all ages of St. Jude Parish this March 3-4, 2018, on the campus of St. Jude Parish Bridgetown

How does participating in the Christ Renews His Parish retreat change your life?  Hear from a team of CRHP sisters who will explain:

At Our Lady of Lourdes Parish back in 2008, our team of sixteen ladies of all ages and walks of life strolled into that first retreat morning--skeptical, questioning, a little leary, and at best recognizing a name or two on the list of participants.

Over the past ten years, we have emerged as a group of extremely close friends both spiritually and socially. We realized on our weekend that no matter what our age or background, whether we attended a previous CRHP at another parish years ago or if we were brand-new to this ministry, that we were all "Pilgrims on a journey and Travelers on a road"... winding our way together to deepen our faith and love of the Lord.

During our time together we have discovered that God has chosen each of us to be part of this group for a reason. Every one of us is so glad we did not give into the constant temptation to say:  “I'm too busy right now!” We definitely have "helped each other walk the mile and bear the load" in our faith journeys. We have strengthened our trust in the Lord, we have grown spiritually, and--by choice--we still laugh, eat, and pray a lot together...great food for the soul!

For ten years now, we also have been attending Communion Service on each first Saturday to pray for you:  our future CRHP sisters. The witnesses you will hear, who share Christ's intervention into their lives, are amazing and reaffirming....AND all you are requested to do is to kick up your feet, sit back, enjoy some great food, and open your heart to the Lord.  It's really refreshing and rejuvenating!

So, our team challenges each of you to listen for the call of the Holy Spirit and take whatever leap is needed to join in this fun, relaxing, faith-filled weekend.  We hope you choose to be a part of  the inaugural women’s Christ Renews His Parish retreat at St. Jude.

Sounds great!  Who do I call if I have questions or want to sign up?
To find out more about the weekend or to register for the retreat, please call Sharon McBreen at (513) 373-8231.  

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